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We provide litigation and commercial legal services, as well as proactive business risk management services and are passionate about everything we do.

If litigation cannot be avoided, better to assess the risk it represents early doors and contain it, or secure your evidence to protect your position. That is what we help our clients do.

  • Commercial Litigation – our team includes consultants that are absolute experts in their field enabling us to provide commercial, strategic advice on almost any kind of commercial dispute you are facing.

  • Strategic Legal Advice – discrete legal advice on any areas of potential conflict, for example shareholders’ disputes or commercial contract advice.

  • Document Drafting –we work with our clients to ensure they have the right documentation in place to protect their business, for example terms of business and shareholder agreements.

  • Defendant Personal Injury Litigation – with many years’ experience acting for insurers, P & I Clubs, uninsured Defendants and not for profit organisations, we advise and defend our clients in almost any kind of personal injury claim you can imagine.

Being in business is tough, exacerbated by the pandemic with all the complications that has brought with it. There has never been a better time to be proactive in the management of business. We work alongside our clients to help by providing:

  • Business Risk Management Advice – working strategically across your business to identify key risks and develop mitigation strategies, for example advising on the correct use of terms of business and their incorporation or regulating rights between shareholders. We ensure our clients understand what they are signing by using plain language.

  • Project Management – co-ordinating projects and working through due diligence with commercial lawyers.

  • Do Good Business Collective – we have our own established team, of independent highly experienced professional partners across property, company commercial, construction law, health and safety, accountancy, finance, technology, leadership and many other disciplines. This enables us to provide a breadth of joined up advice. The right person at the right time can make such a difference to outcomes, your bottom line and resources.