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All businesses carry risk; reducing risk and maximising efficiency is an ongoing challenge. This may be especially important when, for example, you are starting out, applying for an accreditation, bidding for a piece of work, have just made an acquisition, are reviewing your insurance arrangements or  preparing for a merger or buy out.

Maybe you have contentious issues in a business that you would like to manage differently.

What can we do?

Typically, the focus will be on:

  • Looking at your organisational structure

  • Reviewing contentious issues in your business and your response

  • Identifying patterns and triggers for contentious issues

  • Looking at your systems, how you evidence them and retain that evidence

  • How health and safety information is communicated to and within your organisation

  • How you present yourself to insurers/your broker at renewal

Direct Benefits for you:

  • Protecting your reputation

  • Streamlining your procedures

  • Making your assets work more efficiently for you

  • Reducing duplication

  • Freeing you up to do what you do best

  • Avoiding litigation

All of these factors can bring immediate cost savings and

  • Future proof your business

  • Prepare you for investment, sale or accreditation

  • Maximise the opportunities for your business

What do we need from you?

  • Management cooperation and buy-in to the process

  • Information on your management structure

  • Access to key personnel and documentation